knitting1.s600x600Although we’ve had a temporary warm-up here, the nights are still quite chilly, hinting at much cooler days to come. In addition to pulling out a few sweaters this past week, I’ve also pulled out my knitting.

During the summer months, all of my knitting projects stay neatly tucked away in drawers and closets, rarely even thought about. But with the first chill breeze, I begin getting the itch to start knitting.

I have lots of yarn for a variety of projects, but highest priority for this winter will be finishing a red fisherman’s knit throw I began a couple years ago, but haven’t yet managed to finish. I’m also going to allow myself one trip to a knitting store to buy some colorful yarn — maybe in blues — to make a scarf with beads. Scarves are fast and easy to knit, but the beads will be a new thing on my part.

Thanks to audio books, I don’t even have to decide between knitting or reading, I can do both at the same time. Knitting is also a great hobby that I can do while watching TV, provided the pattern isn’t too complicated. Right now, I’m envisioning a lot of nights curled up in a comfy chair listening to a book, while finishing that red throw. And I must finish it this winter, because I can already see in my mind the next throw I want to make.

Are you a knitter or a crocheter? If so, do you have any interesting projects planned for the coming months? And if not, do your hobbies vary by the season?