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Coming Soon – The Romances We’re Looking Forward to Reading in November 2019

Hard as it is to believe, we’re heading into the last couple of months of 2019, and it’s time to have a look at the books the AAR team is most excited about reading over the coming weeks. As usual, we’ve got a nice mix of genres and authors, so hopefully there’s something here to appeal to everyone, whether you’re into contemporaries, historicals, thrillers or fantasy.  Don’t forget to drop by and tell us which books YOU’RE most looking forward to reading in November!

Twice Shy by Sally Malcolm (1 Nov)

A new full-length novel in Sally Malcolm’s New Milton series, Twice Shy is the story of a struggling single dad (well, uncle!) and a reserved teacher at the boy’s school who is still smarting over his ex-wife’s betrayal and determined to eschew emotional entanglements. Well, we all know how that’s going to go! Ms. Malcolm writes the most gorgeously romantic romances featuring compelling, well-rounded characters, and just the right dose of angst. I’m really looking forward to this one. – Caz

Sally Malcolm always writes beautiful romances and I’m excited for this one – Lisa

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Graveyard Shift by Jenn Burke (4 Nov)

Jenn Burke’s Not Dead Yet series is hands down, one of my favourites of 2019. Wes and Hudson have faced down demons and all manner of evil, but there is worse to come when a blast from Hudson’s past re-enters the picture. Wes’ brand of endearing deadpan snark, the sexy romance and the wonderful found-family relationships are a real highlight of this series, and I can’t wait to get stuck into this final book in the trilogy! – Caz

I’ve been loving this supernatural series by Jenn Burke! I’m excited to read the next chapter, and hopefully we’ll see more of these characters in the future. – Maria Rose

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Beard Necessities by Penny Reid (4 Nov)

Lisa already heralded the release of this book in the September column by recommending Beard with Me (a sort of prequel to this book), but Beard Necessities needs its own entry. Two people who’ve loved each other for twenty years. And their HEA is just around the corner. – Charlotte

So excited to read this. Will definitely pull an all-nighter – Evelyn

As Charlotte observed, I love Reid, and I’m excited for this one – Lisa

I’m ready for more Winston Brothers! – Maria Rose

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Someone to Remember by Mary Balogh (5 Nov)

I’m really looking forward to this latest instalment in Mary Balogh’s Westcott saga, which tells the story of a rekindled romance between a couple in their fifties. – Caz

It’s Matilda’s book, y’all! – Lisa

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Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert (5 Nov)

I am a huge Talia Hibbert fan, so I am definitely going to pick this book up. -Keira

Talia Hibbert has had one heck of a winning year with several amazingly written, heartbreaking, life-affirming romance novels. Hopefully this will be more of the same! – Lisa

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Open House by Ruby Lang (11 Nov)

The community garden in Harlem that Tyson Yang has worked so hard on could be destroyed if Magda Ferrers manages to sell the lot. Lang writes urban settings that actually get at and bring to life urban issues like gentrification and rent control, and as a sucker for detailed settings, this looks up my alley. – Caroline

Ruby Lang is an author that has been making a splash on the contemporary romance scene and I have been dying to read a book of hers and this one sounds delightful. – Keira

This sounds like the kind of realistic contempt that could make me sigh! – Lisa

I love the idea of this series and the everyday type of characters that make fun and unique stories. – Maria Rose

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The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White (5 Nov)

Fairytale adapter Kiersten White takes on Arthurian legend for the YA crowd. Sounds like fun! – Lisa

I’m always on the lookout for a feminist-themed retelling of the Arthurian legend, and this first book in Kiersten White’s latest series looks exactly like what I’ve been searching for. The Guinevere of White’s imagining is smart, savvy, and unafraid to go after what she wants, and I’m super excited to see how the story plays out. – Shannon

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Not the Girl You Marry by Andie J. Christopher (12 Nov)

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but gender-swapped so that journalist Jack has to shed himself of event planner Hannah. I’m always curious about gender swaps, because they make me see both the new and the original in unexpected ways and bring certain stereotypes and assumptions to light. – Caroline

This one caught my eye as soon as I heard about it! I’ve enjoyed this author’s South Beach series, so I’m ready to try something new by her and the premise sounds quite fun. – Maria Rose

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Second Chance Road Trip by Jackie Lau (12 Nov)

Jackie Lau always delights without fail, and this has a lot of tropes I adore – Lisa

Second Chance? Check. Road Trip? Check. Christmas? Check. I read the first in the Wong family series, A Match Made for Thanksgiving and I loved it so I anticipate another great read! – Maria Rose

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My Fake Rake by Eva Leigh (26 Nov)

I’m a fan of this author and I like the idea of this reverse-Pygmalion story. – Caz

Such a convoluted madcap plot that I laughed when I first read it. Love, naturally inconvenient, trumps the best-laid plans. Can’t wait to read it. – Keira

A scientific-minded wallflower is entranced by a naturalist she desires from afar – so she decides to pay an anthropologist to portray a rake courting her to make the naturalist jealous and get society talking. Love, naturally, intervenes. The premise sounds interesting and funny! – Lisa

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A Beastly Kind of Earl by Mia Vincy (26 Nov)

Mia Vincy’s A Wicked Kind of Husband was one of the best (if not THE best) historical romances of 2018, and I’ve been eager to read more of her work ever since. If A Beastly Kind of Earl is as warm, insightful, witty and well-written as its predecessor, she’s sure to have another winner on her hands. – Caz

How I love Mia Vincy’s work, and how excited I am to read this one! – Lisa

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We’re also looking forward to…


Dragon Unleashed by Grace Draven – NOTE: THIS TITLE HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL SUMMER 2020

The first book in this series, Phoenix Unbound, was a very strong read for me and, I felt, even better than Draven’s earlier (and maybe more famous) Radiance. That tells me that this is an author on her way up, so I’m eagerly anticipating her next work. This book stars an earth magic wielder and a shapeshifting dragon. I look forward to seeing what they get up to.

Buy it at: Amazon/Apple Books/Barnes & Noble/Kobo


His Wayward Bride by Theresa Romain (5 Nov)

I’m a fan of Theresa Romain’s and have enjoyed the books so far in her Romance of the Turf series, centered around the Chandlers, a successful family of horse breeders. Eldest brother Jonah has looked on while his brother and sister found love – and now it’s his turn. Except he’s already married. And neither he nor anyone else ever talks about his missing bride. I like “couples reunited” stories, so this one sounds right up my alley.

Buy it at: Amazon/Apple Books/Barnes & Noble/Kobo

The Rational Faculty by Gregory Ashe (28 Nov)

A new Hazard and Somerset series – count me in! This first book of the Union of Swords series takes place some three months after the events of Criminal Past and sees some major changes in the lives of our intrepid duo. One of the (many) things I love about this author’s books is that he explores what happens after the ILYs have been said and shows that a relationship is a work-in-progress. While these novels are principally mysteries, the long-running underlying romance and flawed complex characters are just as compelling.

Buy it at: Amazon/Apple Books/Barnes & Noble/Kobo


The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams (5 Nov)

This is a sports romance-estranged marriage hybrid that has me very intrigued and excited. The hero is terrible in bed – !!! – and he turns to “a secret romance book club made up of Nashville’s top alpha men” to beef up his skills and woo his wife. – Charlotte. This has gotten some good buzz and I love the setup. I hope they refernce some of our favorite romances! – Evelyn

Buy it at: Amazon/Apple Books/Barnes & Noble/Kobo


The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black (19 Nov)

Earlier this year, on Facebook, Loreth Anne White raved about The Cruel Prince, the first book in Holly Black’s The Folk of Air YA fantasy series. Recently, that book was an AAR Steal & Deal and I bought it and read it while flying across the country. The minute I landed, I bought book two, The Wicked King. Both books are compulsively readable and just fandamntastic. The series tells the story of Jude, a mortal girl raised in Faerie, who is determined to win a place for herself in that dangerous place and, while doing so, may just win the heart of Prince Cardan, the youngest and wickedest son of the High King if she doesn’t kill him instead. It is not an exaggeration to say I am counting the days until the final book in the trilogy comes out.

 Buy it at: Amazon/Apple Books/Barnes & Noble/Kobo


All-American Muslim Girl by Nadine Jolie Courtney (12 Nov)

A muslim girl in the midst of embracing her faith falls in love with the son of a notoriously conservative shock jock.Has a lot of potential!

Buy it at: Amazon/Apple Books/Barnes & Noble/Kobo

No Whisk, No Reward by Ellie Kay (12 Nov)

The latest in Kay’s Donner Bakery series of slice-of-life (and pie) romances, these come highly recommended by Penny Reid, which is a high pedigree for me.

Buy it at: Amazon/Apple Books/Barnes & Noble/Kobo

The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky by Mackenzi Lee (26 Nov)

For those who skipped The Ladies’ Guide to Petticoats and Piracy, this Percy and Monty-centered short story will finally be available for individual purchase this month. For fans of the series it’s can’t miss and fun.

Buy it at: Amazon/Apple Books/Barnes & Noble/Kobo

The Rancher’s Redemption by Kate Pearce (26 Nov)

A widower cowboy protests the son of his wife’s best friend – leading to complications. I’m always a little cautious when it comes to these sorts of plots, but am willing to give this one a looksee. – Lisa

Buy it at: Amazon/Apple Books/Barnes & Noble/Kobo


Back to September by Melissa Brayden (12 Nov)

A risk-averse bookstore owner, Hannah, shares an intimate connection with famous romance author Parker Bristow. But, is love a chance that Hannah is willing to take? I am immediately drawn to ALL romance novels in which one of the characters works at a bookstore (as do I). Since the couple in this novel is one-half romance novelist, I expect the lovin’ to be satisfying, and possibly very steamy. Bold Strokes Books publishes quality LGBT fiction, particularly romance. 💋

Buy it at: Amazon/Apple Books/Barnes & Noble/Kobo


The Rise of Magicks by Nora Roberts (26 Nov)

I’ve been waiting for this conclusion to the Chronicles of the One trilogy since the first book came out in the winter of 2017. This series has served as a bit of a departure for Roberts, and, as always, I’m loving this post apocalyptic tale. I’m eager to see how she plans to wrap things up for these characters.

Buy it at: Amazon/Apple Books/Barnes & Noble/Kobo

Into the Dark by Karen Rose (26 Nov)

If I had to choose a favorite romantic suspense author, it would be Karen Rose hands down. Her stories are dark and sexy, with complicated characters, and a lovely feeling of found family. This latest book features Dr. Dani Novak, who happens to be one of my favorite characters in this action-packed series, and I can’t wait to get lost in its pages.

Buy it at: Amazon/Apple Books/Barnes & Noble/Kobo

Where Winter Finds You by J.R. Ward (26 Nov)

I’m not usually interested in novellas, since they often feel rushed, but I’ll make an exception for J.R. Ward. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about this latest entry in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, so I’ll be sure to buy this as soon as it comes out.

Buy it at: Amazon/Apple Books/Barnes & Noble/Kobo

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of available titles, just a selection made by AAR reviewers according to their personal tastes.  Purchase links are given where available at time of writing.

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