Looking ahead to the new releases for November, the AAR team has come up with a small selection of the new titles on offer;  all ones we think most likely to entertain, engross and enthrall over the coming weeks.  Drop by and tell us which new books YOU’RE most looking forward to reading in November!

A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Mayhem by Manda Collins (1 Nov)

A titled lady journalist and a detective team up to solve a murder in Victorian England. It’s a start to a series which is exciting — I’ve enjoyed historical mystery series with couple detectives like the Amory Ames Mysteries before. — Charlotte

Collins’ historical mysteries have always been a lot of fun, and I expect that this will be no exception to the rule. – Lisa

I’ve enjoyed Manda Collins historical romances and while I haven’t read too many historical mysteries, I’m eager to delve into this one! – Maria Rose

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Duke I’d Like To F… by  Eva Leigh, Joanna Shupe, Adriana Herrera, Sierra Simone & Nicola Davidson (10 Nov)

Look. This title is ridiculous. But with authors Sierra Simone, Joanna Shupe, Adriana Herrera, Eva Leigh, and Nicola Davidson, I look forward to an anthology with some great spicy reads. – Caroline

Well, the title’s only the third-goofiest historical title I’ve seen all year, and with a talent line-up like this it can’t go wrong! – Lisa

I pre-ordered this one when I first heard about it based on the authors involved so I have high expectations for this steamy historical anthology. – Maria Rose

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The Same Place by Gregory Ashe (24 Nov)

Book two in The Lamb and the Lion series reunites wildlife vet Teancum Leon with grifter Jem Berger when a friend of Tean’s realises she’s being stalked and asks for their help. As Em says, Mr. Ashe has never disappointed; his books are superbly written, with clever plots and wonderfully complex, flawed yet loveable characters, and his insight into what makes them tick and into their relationships is laser-sharp.  Book one, The Same Breath is SO good, and is a contender for my Book of the Year; I’m looking forward to more of the same from this latest release. – Caz

Anyone who follows me or Caz knows we are involved in a prolonged love affair with Gregory Ashe.  Well, with his books.   Fortunately he’s a prolific author and he hasn’t yet disappointed us.  In September, he released the first book in his new The Lamb and the Lion series, The Same Breath,  and I was hooked from the first page and thrilled to discover more books featuring these two “friends” were still to come.  The Same Place reunites Jem and Tean after a mutual friend asks them for help identifying someone who is stalking her.  The investigation leads them in unexpected directions, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, it forces them to spend lots and lots of time together.  YES!  Eager to try Ashe and unwilling to commit to the Hazard & Somers or Borealis series?  Start with this series.  You’ll fall for Ashe, Jem, and Tean too! – Em

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Lord Lucifer by Jade Lee (24 Nov)

Lucas couldn’t prevent his love Diana from being forced to marry a much older man. When her husband is murdered and Diana is the leading suspect, Lucas is the only one who can help. I like this premise, and I’ve enjoyed Lee before, so that’s a yes from me. – Caroline

Lee is megatalented and I’m looking forward to reading her latest! – Lisa

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Winter Solstice in St. Nacho’s by Z.A. Maxfield (30 Nov)

Described as “a second-chance, small-town gay romance,” this novella stars a librarian and man he used to tutor, who is now in the grip of a heroin addiction. The author, Z.A. Maxwell, has the chops to handle this serious topic. – Caroline

I’ve enjoyed quite a few books by Z.A. Maxfield, most recently the first in her spin-off to the original St. Nacho’s series, so I’m pleased to be returning to the place for this seasonal novella. – Caz

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We’re also looking forward to…


Archangel’s Sun by Nalini Singh (17 Nov)

When was the last time I said no to a Nalini Singh book? Um, never. She always delivers a great read, and this book about a famously fragile angel going toe-to-toe with a powerful archangel looks like another great entry in her Guild Hunter series.

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Defending the Galaxy by Maria V Snyder (17 Nov)

I was consumed by the first two books in the Sentinels of the Galaxy series, and I’ve been impatiently watching for this next entry. The last book ended on such a cliffhanger, I’m looking forward to the mystery of the terracotta warriors discovered on uninhabited planets unfolding here.

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Off Limits Attraction by Jayci Lee (1 Nov)

Jayci Lee debuted this year with a B- and then a B, and hopefully she’ll continue her upward trajectory with this story of an actress and a film producer. – Caroline

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Mistletoe Kiss with the Heart Doctor by Marion Lennox (1 Nov)

In this Australia-set medical, GP Dr. Elsa McRae rescues cardiologist Dr. Marcus Pierce in a cave accident and then becomes his coworker for the holidays. Lennox writes lovely, cozy stories, which is just what I’m in the mood for.

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Tempted by her Viking Enemy by Terri Brisbin (1 Nov)

Always game for Vikings!

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Confessions in B Flat by Donna Hill (24 Nov)

In 1963 Harlem, a man mentored by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. meets a woman who passionately follows Malcolm X. I love modern historical settings, and I am fascinated by this new spin on opposites-attract.

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Just Like This by Cole McCade (24 Nov)

I enjoyed my first visit to Albin Academy in Just Like That, a sensual, beautifully written age-gap romance between a professor and former student.  This return visit to the Academy features the art teacher and the grouchy football coach in an enemies-to-lovers romance – a trope I’m particularly fond of. – Caz

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The Flip Side by James Bailey (10 Nov)

This début novel is getting some great reviews. It’s about a twentysomething recently dumped man who wonders if his life decisions would be better made by just flipping a coin. He decides to give it a try – but what happens when he meets his dream girl. Will he start making the decisions or will he leave it to chance? The premise sounds like a great read!

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The Cul-de-Sac War by Melissa Ferguson (10 Nov)

You don’t see many romantic comedies from mainstream Christian publishers. I’m looking forward to this prankster-neighbors-turned-to-lovers story. – LaVerne

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American Christmas by Adriana Herrera (2 Nov)

I love Adriana Herrera and will read anything she puts out. This holiday novella is book five in her Dreamers series.

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A Christmas Waltz by Josi S. Kilpack (9 Nov)

Kilpack’s quiet romances are interesting in of themeselves.  This is another friend-to-lovers story, a trope that is my catnip

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Her Lady to Love by Jane Walsh (10 Nov)

A country mouse and an improper type meet up during the whirl of the social season and vow to help one another snag a husband – but find love together instead.  I need ALL of the historical f/f in my life, and I’m excited about this one.

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The Truth About Dukes by Grace Burrowes (10 Nov)

A duke with a harsh past worries that his time in an asylum might be used against him, so to quell the scandal he looks for a proper (and properly dull) woman with whom to to settle down.  He picks an old friend with a similar background who might just be his perfect match.  Burrrowes, as always, knows how to do characters right, so I’m looking out for this one.

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Snowbound with the Viscount by Shana Galen (10 Nov)

Shana Galen is always my go-to for Derring Do – and this holiday romance features leads named Holly Farthing and Adam Ivy.  I mean, come on!

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Notorious by Minerva Spencer  (24 Nov)

I’ve come to expect the unexpected from Minerva Spencer, and this book – about a sharp-tongued woman who accepts an impulsive proposal from a rogue – sounds like another of her talent-laden, spicy stories.

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Maria Rose:

Kissing Lessons by Stefanie London (9 Nov)

I’ve enjoyed several of Stefanie London’s contemporary romances in the past and this one sounds cute, a small town romance between a barista and a professor who’s in town for a temporary teaching assignment. And I love that the cover features a plus sized heroine!

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How to Lose an Ex in Ten Days by Lottie Lucas (19 Nov)

I’ve read this one, and it really surprised me. It’s a common premise, but the writing is so original and inventive that it totally sucked me in. I’ll definitely be looking up Lucas’ other books. -Rachel

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PLEASE NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of available titles, just a selection made by AAR reviewers according to their personal tastes. Purchase links are given where available at time of writing.

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