I hope someone here can help me locate another pair of the most remarkable pants. They’re workout gear, men’s, and they have the label “level 8” stamped on them. I own one pair, want 20 more and can’t find them anywhere. The original pair was purchased on clearance at Ross for my son, who refused to wear them because he felt they were too girly. I decided to keep them for myself and now I wear them just about every time they come out of the laundry.

Why are they so special? First, they’re perfect leggings, extremely narrow legged with a band of rubber at the ankle that keeps them from riding up under boots. They’re reversible so you can wear them with either a matte or shiny side out. Best of all is the fit. Being menswear they’re very long in the leg, and being fitness wear they’re very stretchy and don’t bag at the knee by noon. They’re also much warmer than your typical legging or jegging.

Unfortunately, because of the reverse-ability, the manufacturer’s tag was made to be removed, which I wasted no time doing. “Level 8” is the only clue I have to find more and internet searches have not been successful.

Do know this product? Any help would be vastly appreciated.

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