Dreams. The stuff some reality is made of.

My name is Leslie Hachtel and I am the author of The Dream Dancer. So many times, people ask me where the idea came from. Well, this idea began percolating years ago.

I have always found dreams fascinating. Interpretation of them varies, depending on the source, but what happens when my eyelids flutter and I am immersed is at times amazing, scary, enlightening.

Some believe dreams foretell the future and in times like these, when earthquakes and hurricanes and fires ravage the earth, many are desperate to know what comes next, perhaps hoping their night images will give them some idea what will happen in their lives.
Dreams have always intrigued me. And I wondered…what if I could enter the dreams of another? What would I do with such a power? And so Lady Bryce was born with just that ability.

Lady Bryce, in The Dream Dancer, decides to use her talent to enter another’s dreams. She discovers she can persuade others to do what she wishes. She is also able to frighten away undesirable suitors and, conversely, seduce the man she has chosen for her own.
Bryce learns, however, inducing others to bend to her will is a double edged sword. When Lord Rowland discovers she had used her powers on him, he must decide if he truly loves her or if he has been bewitched.

The Dream Dancer, the first book, led to the story of Bryce’s sister-in-law, Emma. Emma had her own challenges, so Emma’s Dance was born. And then, their friend, Margaret, decided to go to court and become a jester. And so there is the tale of The Jester’s Dance. I thought the series stopped there, but then their other friend, Grace, nagged until I told her story as well in A Dance in Time.

I do hope you are intrigued and enter the contest.And next…well my newest heroine is headed to Morocco…but not exactly by choice….

And, if you have a taste for romantic suspense, you might want to check out some of my other books: Payback, Texas Summer and Once Upon a Tablecloth.

Three lucky readers will each win an autographed copy of The Dream Dancer. A fourth reader will win a $20.00 Amazon gift card.

Happy Reading!

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