How did I miss this one? Somehow, Lifetime’s summer series Drop Dead Diva wasn’t just under my radar, it was completely outside of my radar. Then, a friend happened to mention that she was doing a “Drop Dead Diva-thon” over the Memorial Day weekend. I wanted to say, “what’s that?” but instead did a quick web search and then turned on Lifetime to check it out. Four hours later, I was hooked.

The trailer outlines the premise of the show, in which an aspiring model and a lawyer are killed at the same time, with the model ending up in the lawyer’s body.

Now I know I wouldn’t like this show much at all if it were all about Deb, the aspiring (and seemingly self-involved) model. But instead, all we have are glimpses of Deb in Jane. And I just adore Jane. Brooke Elliott does a fantastic job playing Jane, the curvy, size-16 brilliant lawyer. She brings humor, wit, and heart to the part, and on those rare occasions when she belts out a song, what a voice.

The supporting cast is fantastic. I particularly enjoy Margaret Cho as Jane’s assistant. In the few episodes that I caught last weekend, there were  some really fun guest appearances including Paula Abdul, Rosie O’Donnell, Delta Burke, and Liza Minnelli. From the previews I’ve seen for the upcoming season, it looks like Paula Abdul will be making another appearance.

Season one ended on a cliff-hanger, with Jane resigning from the law firm, and facing potential disbarment. Jane’s man-situation had also improved. Not only was fellow lawyer Tony interested in her, but Deb’s love Grayson seemed to be recognizing something in her as well. And then there’s that mystery husband who appeared at her door just as the season ended.

AAR’s Abi did some interesting posts last year, connecting this show to heavy heroes and heroines and friendless heroines over at AAR’s News blog.

I’ll be glued to my chair on Sunday at 9pm when the new season starts. I can’t wait to see what happens with Jane and the rest of the cast. I’m also going to be searching out the rest of season one.

Are you watching?