As we head into October, our staff’s book tastes are roaming all over the place. Several of us are excited to see a new release by Elizabeth Hoyt amongst the books on sale in October. I personally am thrilled about seeing another China-set historical from Jeannie Lin – and I’m not the only one. We also have reviewers anticipating their chance to read contemporaries, westerns, paranormals, category romance and historicals, both British-set and otherwise. What will you be reaching for as the weather starts turning chilly this fall?

Title and AuthorReviewer
Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth HoytScandalous Desires by Elizabeth HoytLea, Jane, Pat, Lee, Wendy
Unclaimed by Courtney MilanUnclaimed by Courtney MilanLynn, Lee,Jane
Animal Attraction by Jill ShalvisAnimal Attraction by Jill ShalvisJane,Dabney, Heather S.
Bad Boys Do by Victoria DahlBad Boys Do by Victoria DahlBlythe,Jane, Dabney
In Total Surrender by Anne MalloryIn Total Surrender by Anne MalloryJean,Dabney, Lynn
The Dragon and the Pearl by Jeannie LinThe Dragon and the Pearl by Jeannie LinRike, Lynn, Blythe
One Brave Cowboy by Kathleen EagleOne Brave Cowboy by Kathleen EaglePat,Lea
What a Duke Wants by Lavinia KentWhat a Duke Wants by Lavinia KentSandy, Rike
The Rose Garden by Susanna KearsleyThe Rose Garden by Susanna KearsleyLynn, Lee
Angels of Darkness anthologyAngels of Darkness by Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, Meljean Book and Sharon ShinnWendy
Song of the Nile by Stephanie DraySong of the Nile by Stephanie DrayLynn
A Maverick for Christmas by Leanne BanksA Maverick for Christmas by Leanne BanksPat
Blood and Fire by Shannon McKennaBlood and Fire by Shannon McKennaDabney
A Beginner's Guide to Rakes by Suzanne EnochA Beginner’s Guide to Rakes by Suzanne EnochLee
Tempted by His Target by Jill Sorenson Tempted by His Target by Jill SorensonRike
Hometown Girl by Mariah StewartHometown Girl by Mariah StewartLeigh
Love on the Line by Deeanne GistLove on the Line by Deeanne GistMaggie
The Darkest Surrender by Gena ShowalterThe Darkest Surrender by Gena ShowalterCindy
Rancher and Protector by Pamela BrittonRancher and Protector by Pamela BrittonPat
Vampirazzi by Laura ResnickVampirazzi by Laura ResnickRike
Serpent's Kiss by Thea HarrisonSerpent’s Kiss by Thea HarrisonWendy
Heartstrings and Diamond Rings by Jane GravesHeartstrings and Diamond Rings by Jane GravesMaggie
No One but You by Leigh GreenwoodNo One But You by Leigh GreenwoodPat
All The Remains by Janice Kay JohnsonAll That Remains by Janice Kay JohnsonRike
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