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Eagerly Awaited September Books

So I blinked and…summer’s almost over already! And just as I was getting used to the sun and the heat. As we cruise into September, there are quite a few historicals that have folks here on staff excited (yay!) and we’re keeping up with new installments in some beloved series. However, the big news for most here at AAR would be the arrival of a long-anticipated new release from contemporary romance favorite Susan Elizabeth Phillips. So, what are you looking for this September?

Title and AuthorReviewer
Heroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth PhillipsHeroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth PhillipsDabney, Lee, LinnieGayl, Alex, Mary, Shannon, Caroline, Lea, Haley
What I Love About You by Rachel GibsonWhat I Love About You by Rachel GibsonMary, Lea, Dabney, Haley, Heather
The Songbird's Seduction by Connie BrockwayThe Songbird’s Seduction by Connie BrockwayLynn, Lee, Caroline
Festive in Death by JD RobbFestive in Death by J.D. RobbBlythe, Maggie
Once More My Darling Rogue by Lorraine HeathOnce More, My Darling Rogue by Lorraine HeathHaley, Caz
Wood Sprites by Wen SpencerWood Sprites by Wen SpencerMaggie, Anne
Winning Ruby Heart by Jennifer LohmannWinning Ruby Heart by Jennifer LohmannLinnieGayl, Lynn
A Scandal to Remember by Elizabeth EssexA Scandal to Remember by Elizabeth EssexCaz, Dabney
Shifting Shadows by Patricia BriggsShifting Shadows by Patricia BriggsHeather, Maggie
The Laird by Grace BurrowesThe Laird by Grace BurrowesMary, Caz
The Secret Place by Taa FrenchThe Secret Place by Tana FrenchDabney, Lynn
What a Duke Dares by Anna CampbellWhat a Duke Dares by Anna CampbellCaz, Mary
Enchantress by Maggie AntonEnchantress by Maggie AntonMelanie, Caroline
Lisette's List by Susan VreelandLisette’s List by Susan VreelandShannon
Honor by Lyn CoteHonor by Lyn CoteLynn
Night's Honor by Thea HarrisonNight’s Honor by Thea HarrisonJean
What I Remember Most by Cathy LambWhat I Remember Most by Cathy Lamb Lee
Aunty Lee's Deadly Specials by Ovidia YuAunty Lee’s Deadly Specials by Ovidia YuCaroline
Close to Home by Lisa JacksonClose to Home by Lisa JacksonShannon
Rock Addiction by Nalini SinghRock Addiction by Nalini SinghCindy
Ghost Layer by Robin D. OwensGhost Layer by Robin D. OwensMelanie
Honeymoon Hotel by Hester BrowneHoneymoon Hotel by Hester BrowneLee
Ugly Love by Colleen HooverUgly Love by Colleen HooverAnne
House Immortal by Devon MonkHouse Immortal by Devon MonkShannon
Vampire Secretary, Vol. 7 by Tomu OhmiMidnight Secretary, Vol. 7 by Tomu OhmiCaroline
The Winter Long by Seanan McGuireThe Winter Long by Seanan McGuireHeather
A Home For Her Heart by Janet Lee BArtonA Home for Her Heart by Janet Lee BartonAnne
The Maiden of Ireland by Susan WiggsThe Maiden of Ireland(re-release of The Mist and the Magic) by Susan WiggsLynn
Superman/Wonder Woman: Power Couple by Charles SouleSuperman/Wonder Woman: Power Coupleby Charles SouleCaroline
Season of Storms by Susanna KearsleySeason of Storms(reissue) by Susanna KearsleyHeather, Melanie
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