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Eagerly Awaited September Books

doyouwantPutting together a list of anticipated September books rather snuck up on me. It’s still close to 100 degrees outside every day where I live, and it doesn’t feel like summer will ever end. Actually, I’m several gazillion weeks pregnant, so summer has felt pretty unending for months now.

Still, end it must, and with fall is coming a new wave of books to read. All of us at AAR have our eye on a few in particular.  Historicals, including the latest from Tessa Dare, lead the way, but there are plenty of other subgenres to go around.

Do You Want to Start a Scandal – by Tessa Dare

Having been somewhat underwhelmed by Ms. Dare’s last couple of books, I have hopes for this, as it returns to the Spindle Cove universe. It’s time for the youngest Highwood sister – Charlotte – to get her man. Plus – I can never pass up the chance to meet Colin again. Can anyone? – Caz Owens

I always enjoy stories by Ms. Dare…. it looks like fun. – Lee Brewer

This has been an eagerly awaited title since it was announced. Finally, Charlotte Highwood has her story told! The perpetual younger sister has grown up but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to the scandals or shenanigans that seem to follow the women of Spindle Cove. – Sara Elliott

dressedtokissDressed to Kiss by Madeline Hunter, Caroline Linden, Megan Frampton, and Myretta Robens

Usually when I buy an anthology, I’m buying with one particular author in mind. However, with this anthology, I’ve read and enjoyed work by all four authors so I’m looking forward to this with more than my usual anticipation. – Lynn Spencer

I love romance anthologies, especially when the authors all work to link the stories together. Here, each story revolves around the women of Madame Follette’s dressmaking shop and the men who discover something special about the seamstresses. – Sara Elliott

With the exception of Ms. Robens, all of these authors are familiar favorites. I’ve read every anthology Ms. Linden has contributed too, and her stories usually top my favorites list. The setting – Madame Follete’s dressmaking shop, is ripe for diverse storytelling and I’m confident these authors are up to the challenge. Can’t wait! – e.b. Wittmann

romancrazyRoman Crazy by Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci

What’s not to love about a second chance romance set in Rome? Having experienced the sexy, fun stories of Alice Clayton, this travel romance co-authored with Nina Bocci sounds like a great way to end the summer. – Maria Rose


The premise sounds absolutely charming, I’m a sucker for stuff like this. – Lisa Fernandes



 Highland Chieftain by Hannah Howell

I’ve been reading Hannah Howell’s books since I was a wee one, so her latest has mightily intrigued me! – Lisa Fernandes

I have read and enjoyed a few of Ms. Howell’s previous Scottish medievals, and this one just grabbed my attention. This is a story with a big heart: the heroine rescues and protects her siblings from their abusive father, the heroine rescues the hero from drowning, and the hero rescues the heroine from her father. I enjoy stories which call for characters to concern themselves with other people rather than being self-involved. – Keira Soleore

rookiemoveRookie Move by Sarina Bowen

I’m an unapologetic fan of contemporary romance series set in the world of sports – and I’m a Bowen fan. I know I’m going to enjoy this book. I’ve saved it to read on a rainy day (soon!) – and I’m confident this is one I won’t put down until it’s done. – e.b. Wittmann

I’ve only recently discovered the appeal of hockey players as romantic leads and I have Sarina Bowen to thank for it. Her new book Rookie Move looks to be another great story of cool plays on the ice but hot encounters off the rink. – Sara Elliott



overexposedOverexposed by Megan Erickson


I have loved the In Focus series and this book #4 features Levi, who was a secondary character in the last. Overexposed covers Levi’s life on leaving the reality show featured in Out of Frame. – BJ Jansen


I have loved this whole series, and pretty much anything Erickson writes, so I am looking forward to reading with this one. I know it features characters from a previous book but honestly, I’m reading it because I know it will be good no matter who it stars. – Haley Kral

missgoodhueMiss Goodhue Lives for a Night by Kate Noble

The story’s description hints that the main couple is a little older than the normal hero/heroine and their past together may not be as clear as either one remembers. I’m excited by the idea of a spinster getting her second chance at love with the man of her dreams. – Sara Elliott


I love a good second-chance romance, and this sounds as though it’ll be a very good one. From the book description it seems that the protagonists may be a little older than is usually found in HR – which is always a draw – and Kate Noble’s books are wonderfully thought-provoking and intelligently written. – Caz Owens


The Soldier’s Scoundrel by Cat Sebastian


I’m always on the lookout for new favorite m/m historical authors; Ms. Sebastian popped up on my radar when some of my favorite historical writers mentioned her in tweets recently. These writers haven’t steered me wrong yet – so I’m hopeful this debut will deliver. The combination of m/m, historical and a few of my favorite romantic tropes make this one a ‘must read’ for me. The sooner I can get my hands on it, the better! – e.b. Wittman


Silk, Swords and Surrender by Jeannie Lin

I’ve loved Jeannie Lin’s books and she is an autobuy for me.  However, I have somehow missed out on reading her novellas.  Since this anthology contains 4 of her prior novellas along with 1 new one, I’m excited to dig into it! – Lynn Spencer




A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

An Ember in the Ashes was a well written start to this fantasy series and I can’t wait to see what Laia and Elias do next. When last we left them they were on a fool’s quest to free her brother from an unescapable prison. It’ll be interesting to see if they can succeed! Also, I hope Laia figures out who the cook in the last novel was; I’m fairly sure I know. – Maggie Boyd



Rented Heart by Garrett Leigh


I find this author a little hit or miss for me in subject, but the writing is always very good. This story however, attracted me – it has emotional content in the form of grief and loneliness and the unlikely cure/love interest in the guise of a rent boy. I was hooked. – BJ Jansen



methodscluffThe Methods of Sergeant Cluff by Gil North

This classic British crime story is set in a small town on the Yorkshire moors. A young woman’s body is found on the cobblestones and CID Sergeant Caleb Cluff is the man on the scene. This story has all the hallmarks of mystery stories I love. I almost exclusively read British mysteries, especially those set in small towns/villages where the inhabitants are intricately connected with each other and every knows everyone else’s business. Cluff and his loyal sidekick don’t play by the rules and are able to get around the taciturn villagers to solve the crime. – Keira Soleore


A Reluctant Betrothal by Amanda Weaver

The third in Ms. Weaver’s current Grantham Girls series, has a familiar premise, but it will, I’m sure, be put to good use by this author who has already made herself a place on my “authors to watch” list. Ms. Weaver writes strong, engaging characters and dialogue so I’m hoping for more of the same here. – Caz Owens



The Reluctant Viscount by Lara Temple

I love second-chance at love stories, and the writing style of this novel captured my completely when I read the preview. This is about two clever people who don’t manage to pull wool over each other’s eyes, which is a constellation I like a lot. – Rike Horstmann





Jane Eyre(Manga Classics) by Charlotte Bronte

I DIK’d Emma from them and gave Pride and Prejudice a B+. Jane Eyre is my favorite classic, and I’ve been on tenterhooks to see what they do with it since I saw it in the pipeline nearly a year ago. This is team that produces top-quality graphic novel adaptations that respect the tone, dialogue, and length of the originals while maximizing the possibilities of graphic storytelling. I already love the depiction of Jane on the cover, so my hopes are high. – Caroline Russomanno


Documenting Light by EE Ottoman

You often see books that cover so-called difficult subjects as ‘brave’, here E.E. Ottoman offers a tour de force exploration of contemporary trans identity, with sympathy and cutting insight. If writing an interesting plot that includes a burgeoning romance and intriguing characters is brave – then yes, this is a brave novel. If writing about the excitement and beauty of falling in love – whilst discovering the mystery behind an old photograph – is a Romance then yes, this is a romance. – BJ Hansen


The Shattered Tree by Charles Todd


Bess Crawford stumbles upon another case of murder and mayhem when helps save a young French soldier who turns out to be quite fluent in German. Looking forward to this because the entire series has been absolutely excellent. – Maggie Boyd



Now That It’s You by Tawna Fenske


Tawna Fenske never fails to delight me with her combination of witty characters, poignant situations and real life emotions. Now That It’s You features a woman falling for her ex’s brother and I’m looking forward to all the complications that plot promises! – Maria Rose



The One Real Thing by Samantha Young

I adored Ms. Young’s On Dublin Street series that concluded last year. This book is a new series kickoff and I’m intrigued to see how she handles writing about a small town in America versus writing about the sprawling streets of Edinburgh, as her sense of place was one of my favorite things about her previous works. She writes sprawling tribes of friends well, so I’m also excited to meet some new folks! – Kristen Donnelly



The Name I Call Myself by Beth Moran

I read Beth Moran’s first book, Making Marion, a couple of years ago and have read her 2015 release too. Her books are a combination of women’s fiction and chick lit and very readable. – Lee Brewer




The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter


I’ve been a fan of Ms. Slaughter’s books for the past ten years or so. This latest installment in her series featuring agent Will Trent promises contain everything I love about her writing. I’m looking forward to romantic tension and heart-stopping suspense the way only Ms. Slaughter can provide them. – Shannon Dyer


School Ties by Tamsen Parker


Forbidden teacher/student romance anyone? Tamsen Parker writes kink like a boss, or should I say like a Mistress and the start to her new series looks pretty steamy! – Maria Rose



teaplanterswifeThe Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies

The story’s set in Ceylon in the 1920s during the British Raj. A young British woman marries a charming tea plantation owner who turns out to have terrible secrets. There are shades of Daphne du Maurier here with the tea plantation owner being an older widower pursued by rumors of having done away with his first wife. I’m very fond of marriage stories, which uncover how couples negotiate marriages, discover more of each other, and learn to cleave to the other. – Keira Soleore


threedarkcrownsThree Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

Ms. Blake is an author I’ve not read before, but the synopsis of Three Dark Crowns intrigued me. It sounds like it will be fast-paced and filled with magic. Plus, I can’t resist a good fantasy romance.  – Shannon Dyer




– compiled by Lynn Spencer

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