I’m a sucker for Irving Berlin Musicals. Easter Parade stars Judy Garland and Fred Astaire as they sing and dance to 17 terrific Irving Berlin tunes in a story that is as sugary sweet as Easter candy. When professional dancer Don Hewes (Astaire) is ditched by his stage partner Nadine (Ann Miller) one day before Easter he makes a vow: he will dance his way to fame with a new girl and have her ready to shine in time for next year’s Easter Parade. Enter Hannah Brown (Garland), a dancer quite different than Nadine but quickly able to prove to Astaire that she has just what it takes to put him back on top.

This fabulous 1948 song and dance picture is full of love triangles, big misunderstandings and lots of singing and dancing. And costumes. Tons of terrific, flamboyant, decadent costumes. Every year I wish I had the guts to buy an Easter bonnet and wear it somewhere – church, the store, out to eat. But I never do. I buy a new dress and content myself with that. In our current no frills culture even that feels a bit daring!

How about you? Will you be getting dressed up this coming Sunday? Or do you content yourself with the feasting – candy, ham, candy, mashed potatoes, candy? Have you ever seen Easter Parade? If so, what did you think? Hopefully, however you celebrate (or even if you don’t really celebrate at all) you will have a Happy (Easter) Sunday!


– Maggie AAR

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