thI was recently made aware that Yahoo is expunging all the old/unused userIDs, and is allowing current account holders to set up a wishlist of userIDs they’d prefer. If you are first on the list for an ID that comes available, Yahoo will notify you that you have 48 hours to claim that userID.

I may be a little late to the game, because I just found out about it and the deadline is August 7th, but I have high hopes of upgrading. It’ll be a little difficult to make the change after having the same email address for twenty years or so, but it would be so cool to have an address that’s just my name, or my name and initials, or actually, anything more meaningful than the lame userID I have now.

If you’d like to try for a new, better userID, you can sign up at, where you’ll be allowed to request your top five choices. Who knows? If you ask in time you may actually receive cherchezlafemmebot or quepasa or whatever creative ID you’d love to have. I’m trying for WendyClyde first.

Would you change your ID after having it for so many years? If so, would you try interesting/crazy/cool first? Or would you like to be able to finally claim your name as your userID?

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