emma5Emma is my least favourite of the Jane Austen novels because I have very little sympathy for the eponymous heroine.  That’s why I only ever watch the Gwyneth Paltrow (and Jeremy Northam) version – she doesn’t make Emma seem quite so spoiled or mean or egotistical.  Last time I’d seen the Kate Beckinsale one, I hated it.  But that was five years ago.  So when I saw the talk on the message boards about BBC’s new Emma with Romola Garai, it compelled me to revisit the 1996 Kate Beckinsale and see if maturity has wrought a different impression.

The Good

I still find Kate Beckinsale too petulant and her voice too whiny for personal taste, but she’s definitely not as bad as I remembered, and has some good moments; I particularly like the fantasy sequences, which ring true.  I also like Mrs. Elton and Jane Fairfax, whom I find more interesting and well-rounded than their movie counterparts.

The Bad

Frank Churchill, as portrayed here, is nothing less than a dawg.  (Although his hair is better than Ewan McGregor’s.)  As this version stands, my respect for Jane goes way down.  I haven’t read Emma in a long time so I don’t know how he’s portrayed in the book, but this Frank Churchill is a rat.

The Ugly

Disclaimer: I love love love Jeremy Northam.  Any other Mr. Knightley would have to be pretty damn good to even compete.  But I don’t find Mark Strong attractive AT ALL (and that’s a large part of it, right?  I mean, come on), and his acting is too overwrought for my taste.

So all in all, I’ll still stick with the movie.  There is no chance I won’t see the 2009 Emma, but I doubt any version of Emma would receive my whole-hearted approval (because of the titular heroine).  However, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam (sigh) come close.

– Jean AAR

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