I’m impressed by authors who write as more than one persona. To a non-writer like me, managing to come up with one distinctive fictional voice is cool. Creating multiple successful writing selves is a coup. Eva Leigh is one such writer. She’s already garnered awards and fans as paranormal writer Zoë Archer. This fall, she’ll introduce romance readers to another of her writing selves: Eva Leigh, historical romance novelist.

Dabney: What book would you like to talk about?

Eva: Forever Your Earl which comes out on Sept. 29. It’s the first in my new series The Wicked Quills of London. The series centers around three female writers in Regency England.

Dabney: Tell me about the hero of Forever Your Earl.

Eva: He’s the Earl of Ashford and is known for his scandalous exploits. He leads the life of a rake but is becoming dissatsiatified. He’s looking for a purpose.

Dabney: And the heroine?

Eva: She’s Eleanor Hawke, the editor and owner of the Hawk’s Eye, a scandal rag that publishes the peccadilloes of London society. She is a business owner at a time when many women were not. Eleanor is very intelligent, very independent, and dedicated to her work. She must support herself and is aware that the ostensible purpose of a scandal rag is to serve as a cautionary tale. That said, she also wants to entertain.

Dabney: You are also Zoë Archer. How is writing is writing as Eva Leigh different for you?

Eva: My books as Zoë Archer have lots of action and adventure, lots of ass kicking. The historical are more about the interactions between the hero and the heroine. There’s still ass kicking on the part of the heroine, but it’s more virtual. All my heroines are strong, capable women.

Dabney: How did you start writing?

Eva: I started writing when I was six years old. I’ve been writing my whole life. I discovered romance through a friend in high school and started my first romance then. I’m really glad no one will ever find it because I”m sure it’s quite cringeworthy.

Dabney: What’s next for you?

Eva: I’m continuing to work on the Wicked Quills series. The second book comes out October 27th. It’s Scandal Takes the Stage. There will be three books in the series. The second book is about a female playwright. The third book is about a young aristocratic noblewoman who secretly publishes erotic novels as The Lady of Dubious Quality. The hero’s a vicar!

Dabney: If you could give your younger self a word of advice, what would it be?

Eva: You’ll make it. 

Dabney: So nice to talk to you!

Eva: Thanks! I enjoyed it.


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