This seems to have been a week for all manner of random bits and snippets of news. So, I thought I’d share a few.

I was VERY excited to get my email newsletter from Roberta Gellis yesterday. I have been working hard to find her books at the UBS for years, but still have far from a complete set. Harlequin got my hopes up when they started reissuing the Roselynde series a few years back, but then quickly dashed them by pulling the plug after the first two books. Now it appears that Gellis’ books are about to be reissued again, and I can’t wait! I don’t have a complete list of the backlist books to be reissued, but Cerridwen Press will be publishing at least some of titles, beginning with The English Heiress on February 12. From what the author says, ebook readers will get first crack at the books, with trade paperbacks to follow.

As many of you may already know, Juno Books is now set to become an imprint of Pocket Books. I find myself somewhat optimistic at this news. I have read almost everything Juno has published, and I have enjoyed a number of their books. I think it would be great to see them get better distribution and marketing opportunities.

I do hope that Pocket retains the original spirit of the line, though. Juno is not primarily a romance line, though Saskia Walker has written some erotic fantasy romances for them and I would consider Roby James’ Beyond the Hedge an intriguing time-travel romance of sorts. Instead, Juno bills itself as a fantasy imprint featuring strong female protagonists. Some books have strong romantic subplots, some don’t, the authors tend to have very individual voices, and the stories cover several different subgenres of fantasy. In short, this line has become what I had hoped Luna would be back when it was launched. I read almost as much fantasy as I do romance, and I hope this line succeeds.

And now back to Elizabeth Elliott. I wrote a little while ago that she is back to writing. She has now redone her website, which you can see here. Her upcoming novel, The Assassin , is now in final edits. Eliott has put up more plot information about the book on her site as well as an excerpt.

And now back to all of my regularly scheduled reading!

-Lynn Spencer

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