My fall TV viewing has already begun. NBC got the excellent Grimm off to an early start back on August 13. Sophomore years always frighten me as they can be quite the letdown (I’m looking at you Falling Skies) but thus far Grimm Season 2 has proven as darkly magical as Season 1. It’s on a brief break until September 28th but this show is on my must record/watch list for the year.

Not in any way in second place is Major Crimes. This spin off of The Closer has proven to be almost as good as the original. While I don’t like the new twist re making deals and sentencing, I love just about everything else about it. I especially appreciate the character of Rusty. It would have been easy to have Raydor in a romantic relationship that matched Brenda’s but this adds a refreshing twist.

On my eagerly awaiting list are Season 2 of Once Upon A Time and the next season of Being Human. Being Human has amazed me with outstanding story lines and great acting. As for Once Upon A Time the charming tale of story book characters living in Storybrooke, Maine had me completely entranced last year. The brilliant Robert Carlyle should win an Emmy for his work, he is that good as Rumplestilskin. Both series ended with big cliff hangers and I can’t wait to see what the writers have come up with.

Family viewing means Person of Interest and Psyche at our house. Psyche is getting zanier and more out there every year but that’s OK. I’m still loving it. It ended on a major cliff hanger last season and I am curious to see which direction they go with. It has some show changing potential but I think the producers will play it safe. Person of Interest also ended on a cliff hanger but I already know which way they are going with that. The only question will be how.

Revolution on NBC looks like the best thing coming out this fall. In Revolution, our power driven world loses, well, power. From batteries to nuclear reactors, everything shuts down. The world becomes much, much smaller breaking down into territories, many of them run by warlords. At the heart of the series is the Matheson family, who possess a device that is crucial to learning how the power went out and which just may have the potential to reverse whatever caused it. Cool! Can’t wait to see the sword wielding Billy Burke.

So those are my shows for the upcoming season. What are yours?

– Maggie AAR

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