fancy nails

t’s easy to express yourself these days. We do it through the music we listen to, the clothes we wear, the tattoos we choose, our blogs and tweets and Facebook posts. And some ladies have added their nails as a fun way to advertise their feelings on a variety of subjects.

Here is a celebration of Spring in 2-D:

easter nails

Here are the perfect nails to show you love music:

music note nails

Have a food fetish? Let others know:

advertising nails

For myself, I have short nails. I type a lot and have active kids, which means being active myself. Super fancy nails aren’t practical for me. But for Christmas I plan to do alternating red and green finger and toe nails. I already bought the polish. How about you? Do you like your nails fancy or practical? Do you go for something in between?

– Maggie AAR

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