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Fascinating Fascinators

Let’s be perfectly honest: the best part of the Royal Wedding fashion are the hats.  Sometimes I truly wish hats were fashionable in the US.  If I could pull it off, I would totally wear hats as statement pieces.  My friends always mock me because whenever we went out shopping in London, I would be irresistibly drawn to the headbands and headbands with a half-veil, a la Chelsy Davies’ hat:

(Alas, this is an awful picture of her.  Cute hat, though.)

“What, are you trying to be Lady GaGa?” my friends asked.  No— clearly, I was just trying to be British.

Anyway, some of my favorites from yesterday’s festivities:

Lady Frederick Windsor: simple yet dramatic.

Princess Letizia of Spain: fresh and fashionable- and absolutely gorgeous.

Queen Elizabeth II: sunny! I am disappointed she didn’t wear a crown, though. You’d think this would be the occasion to break out the hardware.

Princess Marie-Chantall of Greece: one of my favorite “statement” hats- unique and beautiful without looking like, er, the female reproductive system.

What were your favorites?

– Jane AAR

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