A note from our pollsters, Lee, LinnieGayl and Cindy:   We would once again like to thank all of the authors who let their fans know about the latest poll on their blogs, Facebook pages, email lists, and by other means. Even more importantly, we would like to thank all of the AAR readers who took the time to fill out and send in a ballot. The Favorite Books by Favorite Authors feature remains a valuable resource at AAR, and we really appreciate your help in keeping the results fresh.

Without further ado, on to August’s poll results:

Jo BeverleyThere was no change in Jo Beverley’s top two books from our 2006 poll. Devilish remained the overwhelming top choice, followed by My Lady Notorious. Ms. Beverley’s 2008 release, A Lady’s Secret, made a first entrance in the number five slot.
Elizabeth BoyleReaders still embrace Something About Emmaline as their favorite Elizabeth Boyle book, as it remains in the top spot as in our previous poll.  Love Letters from a Duke, Confessions of a Little Black Gown and Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress are all from her latest series and obviously a hit with Ms. Boyle’s fans.
Meg/Patricia CabotBooks written by the author as both Meg Cabot and Patricia Cabot landed in the top twelve. The Princess Diaries moved up from 11th place in our 2006 poll to take over the top slot, while the previous top place finisher, The Boy Next Door, slipped into second place. Two of Meg Cabot’s top finishers – She Went All the Way and Queen of Babble have received DIK status at AAR. One of the author’s newer releases – Pants on Fire – made it onto the list by tying for the 12th spot.
Christina DoddChristina Dodd’s titles encompass the historical, contemporary and paranormal genres and readers like them all.  In our last poll, Rules of Engagement was in third place, but had enough votes to take the top spot this year.  Ms. Dodd’s two DIK reviewed books, That Scandalous Evening and Rules of Attraction, follow in second and third place.  Four of her paranormal titles, Scent of Darkness, Into the Shadow, Touch of Darkness and Into the Flame, are newcomers to the list.
Suzanne EnochMs. Enoch’s London’s Perfect Scoundrel (a DIK reviewed book) and England’s Perfect Hero retain the 1-2 rankings from our previous poll.  The contemporary novels featuring reformed thief Samantha Jellicoe (DIK reviewed Flirting With Danger, Don’t Look Down, Billionaires Prefer Blondes and A Touch of Minx) continue to be popular with Ms. Enoch’s fans.  And her latest book, DIK reviewed historical Always a Scoundrel made a very strong showing.
Lori FosterThere was no change in Lori Foster’s top two books since we last polled for her in 2006. Say No to Joe, a 2003 release, was once again the overwhelming favorite, while 2002 release Too Much Temptation finished in second place. The remainder of Ms. Foster’s top twelve experienced a considerable shakeup. A number of books, published since our last poll, made it into the top twelve, including Simon Says (2007), Hard to Handle (2008), Causing Havoc (2007), and My Man, Michael (2009).
Colleen GleasonThis is the first time Ms. Gleason has appeared in Favorite Books by Favorite Authors. The first book in her Gardella series, The Rest Falls Away, took first place in the poll, while the most recent entry, and a DIK, As Shadows Fade, ended up in third place.
Karen HawkinsKaren Hawkins’ An Affair to Remember, a DIK reviewed book, still resonates with readers as it once again takes the #1 spot.  One of Ms. Hawkins’ latest releases, Sleepless in Scotland, has proven to be a favorite, along with many older titles.  Ms. Hawkins’ contemporary novel, Talk of the Town, released last year, also made the list.
Stef Ann HolmStef Ann Holm’s DIK Girls Night remained in the top slot. A second DIK – Leaving Normal – ended up in third place. Three books published since we last polled for Ms. Holm in April 2006 — Lucy Gets Her Life Back, All that Matters, and All the Right Angles – make their first appearance on Ms. Holm’s favorites. The top twelve is a mix of both Americana and contemporary romances.
Samantha JamesSamantha James’ top two books remain the same as our May 2006 poll, with the 2004 releases of A Perfect Groom and A Perfect Bride once again landing in the top two slots. Two of her recent releases – The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell and Bride of a Wicked Scotsman – make a first entry into her top 12.
Lynn KurlandLynn Kurland’s top three vote getters remain the same though in a slightly different order from our previous poll when DIK reviewed This Is All I Ask was in the top spot, followed by Stardust of Yesterday and A Dance Through Time.  Her other DIK reviewed book, The Very Thought of You, also made a strong showing.
Robin SchoneRobin Schone is another new entry in our Favorite Books by Favorite Authors polls. Her DIK, The Lady’s Tutor, landed solidly in first place. The Lady’s Tutor was also named the Favorite Romance of 1999 in AAR’s Annual Reader Poll. Gabriel’s Woman, also a DIK at AAR, ended up in third place, after her 2000 release, The Lover.
Christina SkyeMs. Skye’s top two books remain the same standing as in our previous poll.  Those two books, along with Bridge of Dreams, Key to Forever, Season of Wishes, DIK reviewed The Perfect Gift, as well as Christmas Knight, are all from Ms. Skye’s popular Draycott Abbey series.

Look for another reader poll coming soon.

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