The Economy. Yep, I’m going there. Right now, unemployment and the economy are the most important issues in the minds of the American voter. But let’s face it. Few of us actually understand economics, especially the kind of big picture economics that make up the finances of a nation.

The fun solution? These truly cool videos from Econstories. Sleek and professional, they are as entertaining to watch as they are educational. For someone like myself, who had no idea that men named Hayek or Keynes ever existed, they put into focus the rather vague picture of just what the term “economics” means and just what a monetary policy is.

My husband Jeff, an accountant, was such a fan of Fear the Boom and Bust that he attended a dinner just to meet the creative mind behind it. As a result, he got to appear in the second! He plays the good looking, dark haired bankster. So without further ado, here they are. The painless way to school yourself in the policies that run our economy.

[youtube] [youtube]

– Maggie AAR

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