I have no idea how this happened. I’m not fond of musicals. I haven’t seen Moulin Rouge, Nine, or any other recent musical movies. I have no desire to see Wicked, Chicago, Cats or any of the other theatrical musicals that come around town every year. I’ll admit to an addiction to Mamma Mia, but as much for the setting (gotta love a Greek Island) as anything else. Add to this the fact that for years I’ve watched almost no scripted TV, and my recent addiction is even more shocking.

Yes, I not only watch Glee, I’m completely and absolutely addicted to it. In December when they ran a couple mini-marathons on Fox, I managed to record most of the episodes on my DVR. Ever since, I’ve been watching, and re-watching, those shows. On each viewing, I find something new to appreciate, the cast, the choreography, and the singing.

I can’t begin to say how many times I’ve watched the final show this fall, where the kids go to sectionals and triumph. I’ve seen Kurt’s Single Ladies dance and triumph on the football field nearly as many times.

Overall, no matter how lousy a mood I’m in, a few minutes of watching snippets from Glee not only improves my mood, but makes me want to get up and dance right along with the cast (now if I happen to be watching at 1am that doesn’t happen, but at a more reasonable time, you bet).

And even when I’m not watching, the show is still with me, because for about the last month, the songs have been running inside my head at the oddest moments. The one that’s currently occupying space in my head most frequently, is the final song of the fall, My Life Would Suck Without You. The choreography to the song is lots of fun, evoking bits and pieces of other songs from earlier in the season. And ultimately, it ended the fall season on a high note.

With only three days before the beginning of new episodes of Glee, I’m completely spoiler-free. I have no idea if the group will win regionals, if Will will end up with Emma or go back to Terri, if Rachel and Finn will end up together, or any of the other things that could happen. All I do know, is that I’ll be there watching on Tuesday night.

How about you? Are you watching Glee? If so, what are some of your favorite songs and characters?


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