fingernails_care1No, those aren’t my fingernails in the photo. I wish! At the moment, I wouldn’t dream of taking a photo of my fingernails; they’re a complete and utter disaster.

Now I rarely have absolutely gorgeous nails. I simply can’t afford to get regular, professional, manicures, so have to rely on my own skills, which can be fairly limited. But generally, they’ll pass.

However, over the last few months, it seems as if everything is conspiring to completely destroy my nails. The cold, dry, winter weather is always a problem for my nails, and this year it seems especially bad.

This week I realized that I’ve been doing a few stupid things that are also damaging a couple of my nails. Chief among these sins, is the recent habit I’ve developed of opening tiny cans of catfood for my cat Princess, by putting pressure on my thumbnail. Oops!

Suddenly, I have little cracks in several fingernails, and every time I think they’re starting to grow back, another crack or ridge appears.  And those little cracks (despite how well I file them down) seem to attract stray strings and threads from the gloves and mittens I have to wear, causing even more damage.

I know our diet and fluid intake can also have an influence on fingernails, and have read all the connections between illness and nail disorders. This really doesn’t seem to be the case.  It seems to be a case of nail abuse, and evil cold dry weather, but just in case, I’ve even upped my fluid intake (and its pretty high already).

So, I’m desperate! Are there any good products you use that keep your nails healthy? Any routines that you have (aside from seeing a professional) that I could adopt?