Thank you to the hundreds of you who filled out our survey. You’ve given us lots to consider. You had many many great suggestions.

Here are a few things we’ve already implemented:

We made the sidebars less busy.

We added a link where you could see more comments. (It’s here.)

We fixed–YAY!–the Power Search.

We’ve made the design consistent throughout the site.

We will continue to improve AAR based on your suggestions over the next few months.

We have also worked on, for those of you who subscribe, our daily newsletters. We have traditionally just sent out one, for our daily Steals and Deals. We have added a new newsletter that has all the contents–the blogs, the reviews, and the Steals and Deals in one email. (You can subscribe to that at the bottom of our Home Page.) Both newsletters have unsubscribe links so you can pick the one that works for you.

Please continue to give us your brilliant ideas.



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