cupcake wars I have been smugly proud of the fact that I limit my TV viewing. I have certain shows I watch and when I am in the mood for a television fix, they are readily available on the DVR. However, the last few weeks my DVR has been a waste land. Many favorites have not yet started. Their summer substitutes have already ended. Enter Food Network. One evening while sitting on my sofa, clicking through literally a hundred channels looking for something to watch, I stumbled upon Cupcake Wars. On this show, cupcake bakeries compete for an opportunity to cater a high profile event and win $10,000.00 dollars. Let the yummy battle begin!

So far I have been watching it in re-runs. I’ve caught episodes revolving around Star Wars, Pixar’s Brave, a wedding, and The America’s Cup. I have rarely agreed with the judges. They often love some exotic cupcake containing ingredients that would have my kids snubbing one of their favorite treats. But it is fun to watch the creativity and competitive nature of the contestants.

My in-laws take their food network watching far more seriously. They often print off favorite recipes and try them at home. While I haven’t done that, I did find myself printing off several recipes that Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman) had made with Land of Lakes butter. How did I find out about them? Commercials during Cupcake Wars.

What about you, do you watch anything on Food Network? If so, what? Do you make any recipes that are featured on TV?

– Maggie AAR

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