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Forbes' List of 20 Best Cities

viennaBecause I  leave my Internet home page set to MSN, I often get distracted by the articles when my main purpose is to work. Today, one of the feature articles is about the world’s best cities to live in from Forbes.com, which, of course, caught my eye and distracted me enough to blog about it.  Of the top twenty, thirteen are in Europe (Vienna is ranked first), two are in New Zealand, two are in Australia, and three are in Canada.  Sadly, I’ve only been to four of them, which means I severely need to get out more.

The list is compiled yearly by considering the political and social environment of various cities.  They look at indicators like economic strength, public safety, school quality, health care, infrastructure, entertainment, housing, and climate.    While I begrudge none that made the list, I’m still a little sad no city from my home country made the top 20 list.  It’s kinda like not making the first cut of a beauty pagent – disappointing.   But, there’s always next year.

AAR Heather

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