retroI missed my regular blogging spot (every other Friday) last time because I was in the midst of a Mac crisis.  Said crisis involved a Separation from my Beloved MacBook Pro since said device had to be sent to Apple for some minor work.  I sent it off on Thursday and it was back in my hot little hands on Tuesday morning, which is service that can’t be beat.  Anyway, due to my having to resort to my backup iMac and, no doubt, some pouting over the loss of my Beloved MacBook Pro, I didn’t get around to blogging.

I blogged a few weeks ago about my affection for Steve Jobs.  As the whole world knows by now, he is lost to us.  He was a visionary, an innovator, a design genius, and so much more. I felt his death much as I felt the death of John Lennon 31 years ago.  RIP, Steve Jobs.  You truly did change the world.

Now, on to subjects that are a bit less fraught. I’m hearing that Romantic Suspense as a genre is in trouble and that it’s a tough sell to an editor.  Anybody care to elaborate?

As for historical romance, we seem to be All Regency All the Time these days which is, quite frankly, boring the crap out of me.  Believe it or not, as a former lover of the Regency period (I devoured Trad Regencies back in the day), yet another Regency is a tough sell to me these days – which, as you can imagine, doesn’t leave me with a lot of books to read.  Especially since “Regency” these days seems to me to be code words for A Book Set in an Historical Period that Might as Well be the Regency Since It Doesn’t Have Any Real Historical Detail. How about you?

The publication date is getting closer for Connie Brockway’s The Other Guy’s Bride which, incidentally, is not set in the Regency and we’ve got some exciting things planned for AAR.  Be sure to stay tuned, okay?

Good things are coming up in the Speaking of Audiobooks blogs that Lea writes.  It’s truly been wonderful to see how the audio world has embraced this forum and to watch it become a central point for discussion of this increasingly popular format.  I know that Lea is thrilled that the Powers that Be in audiobook world are paying attention to what she has created here.  Congrats, Lea, and I hope everyone will keep the comments coming.

Which leads me to another point I’ve been thinking about:  What would you like to see us do at AAR?  From interviews to giveaways to anything the heck else you’d like to see, hit me in the comments.

And, as far as hitting the comments, it’s been more than a year since the AAR redesign.  Considering all the “I hate it – I just hate it” comments that resulted at the time, I’d like to know how you’re living with it these days.  I should add that AAR’s traffic numbers are up and have remained up since the redesign, so the dire predictions of everybody abandoning the site did not come true.  Do I still sound a little bitter?  Maybe so.  We don’t often talk about our feelings here at AAR, so I’m kinda sorta breaking a rule here, but so be it.  I worked extremely hard on the redesign and the lack of enthusiasm stung a bit.  Sometimes bitterly so.

So, since everybody else was so honest, I’ll be honest, too.  If your complaint is “I don’t like the color,” your comments are subjective and really aren’t helpful.  If your comments involve the ways you’re using the site these days or suggestions for how we can improve functionality, I’d love to hear them.

– Sandy AAR

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