Years ago, during a particularly hot summer spell, a friend told me about her favorite hot weather snack. She would clean a bunch of seedless grapes, put them in Ziploc bags, and freeze them. I was a bit skeptical, but gave it a try. Wow! I was instantly hooked on frozen grapes. They’re a bit sweet (depending on the variety), cold, and juicy. And best of all, they’re a healthier snack than an ice cream bar.

Years later frozen grapes are still a summer staple in my home. But recently I’ve started wondering about the possibility of other frozen fruits. I regularly buy big bags of frozen mango chunks to use in fruit smoothies. About a month ago, caught without any yogurt for a smoothie, I decided to give the frozen mango chunks a try. Wonderful! Another easy, cooling, healthy snack.

Yesterday someone told me that they’ve been freezing watermelon for summer snacks! I did a quick web search and discovered all kinds of clever ways to cut and freeze watermelon, including cute cookie cutter shapes. I’m definitely going to give frozen watermelon a try later this weekend, although I think I’ll just cut a few cubes and put them on a plate in the freezer.

But what about other frozen fruit? I can’t imagine eating a frozen apple or pear, and somehow frozen citrus doesn’t sound great. But what about some other fruits? Have you ever tried any frozen fruit snacks? If so, what are your favorites? And if not frozen fruit, do you have any other favorite summer snacks?


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