I hate grocery shopping. It’s right up there with dusting and cleaning the litter box as my least favorite — but necessary — household duties. Most of my friends can’t understand my aversion to grocery shopping. But for me, what’s fun about it. You spend money on something that’s going to disappear all too quickly, or spoil if you don’t use it.

And the temptations! Grocery stores seemed determined to make me gain weight, featuring more and more lovely baked goods, antipasto bars, cheeses from around the world, and tempting deli “salads.”

When I lived in Chicago I actually ordered groceries online, and had them delivered. It proved to be the most painless way for me to get through the chore. But that hasn’t been an option for me the past four years, so I’ve had to suck it up and enter grocery stores.

Last Sunday afternoon, I headed into my local grocery store, grumbling to myself, in a properly foul mood. But then, something strange happened. The store wasn’t very crowded, so I figured I could get in and out quickly.  Usually this store plays rather innocuous, soft music, but the minute I entered the produce section, a series of classic Motown tunes began playing over the sound system. I’ve always loved classic Motown, and these were great selections; My Girl, I Heard it Through the Grapevine, The Tears of a Clown, and so many more. I actually found myself slowing down a bit (clever store) and had to resist humming (or heaven forbid singing) to the tunes. And then, before I knew it, many of my fellow grocery shoppers were actually humming and singing with the tunes.

Yes, people were happy in the grocery store, smiling at each other! But it got better. When I was checking out, Shout by the Isley brothers came on, and all the checkers and baggers began singing, and some began dancing along. All of us paying for our groceries began laughing and smiling even more, never mind how much we were paying for our groceries. It was just one of those rare, public moments, where I had a lovely time with a group of complete strangers. Somehow, everyone forgot themselves and had a pleasant moment. And for once, I left the grocery store smiling.

Have you had one of those odd moments in public? And what about grocery shopping? Do you love it, or do you hate it?


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