If you read this blog regularly, you’ve probably figured out there are a few Gleeks on AAR’s staff, myself very much included.  But now we’re coming up on the end.  After last night’s episode, there’s only one left this season, and that will bring us to the event they’ve been building toward all season:  Regionals.

I can’t imagine New Directions losing Regionals, but Sue Sylvester being on the judging panel throws a wrench in things.  But the episode for Sectionals was SO GOOD, I have really, really high hopes for the season finale.

It’s been a great 9 months or so of Glee.  There’s been some fabulous music, dancing, and one-liners (thanks, Brittney).  And there’s been heart– I couldn’t tell you how many time’s I’ve legitimately cried watching this show.  Here’s hoping the season ends with all these things and more.

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