taschentuchI’ve got this nasty cold – started with a headache last Thursday, turned into a cough on Sunday, and has saddled me with an extremely runny nose today. While the cold’s disadvantages are obvious (feel bad, get no housework done, husband has escaped to the guest bedroom, can’t go to the gym), right now I am trying to be upbeat and see its advantages. The ones I have discovered are as follows:

  • I eat lots of fruit. I like fruit, but often I forget about eating it.
  • I take (short) walks in the lovely early spring sunshine.
  • I lie around for hours and read. Getting home from work, I am too exhausted to do much else, and for once I have no bad conscience about lounging on the couch for hours. Right now, I am on a re-reading binge. So far I have re-read Pride and Prejudice, and several Dorothy Sayers novels and short stories. Excellent, excellent books!
  • I manage to do my work without completely exhausing myself. This is a matter of pride for me: By organising myself and my work ruthlessly, postponing some jobs and replacing them by others, I have actually managed to go to work and get important stuff done each day.

Can you tell me some more about a cold’s good sides? ;-)

– Rike Horstmann

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