The world is so often full of gloom and doom. Somedays, I find myself thinking ENOUGH ALREADY! There is so much to be joyful for! Let’s think about that for a change. So, I ask you, got any good news you’d like to share?

I do. Our extended family took two vacations this summer and, for the first time ever, my three US based kids (my eldest lives in India) each brought their significant other. One we’ve known for a decade, one for three years, and one we met for the first time in July. The glad tidings? Not only do I like (and approve of) them all, the six of them got along swimmingly. I watched them, each evening, play Mexican Train or Code Names or Durak, laughing and chatting and oh! how it gladdened my heart.

How about you? What’s warmed your world–in a good way!–lately?

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