I love awards shows.  I just don’t usually watch them.  I wait until the next morning, and watch all the video compilations of the important parts– who won, who performed, who did something outrageous.  And, of course, who wore what.

As you probably know, musicians were honored at the Grammy awards this past Sunday night.  There were a lot of people looking fabulous, a lot of people I wondered why they were invited (Snooki?!), and a lot of people who weren’t looking their best.  Among my favorite Red Carpet looks:

Lady Gaga.  We all know she’s unpredictable, and while sometimes her outfits are just weird, I thought this one was surprisingly glamorous in a crazy-Lady Gaga way.  Er, minus the hair. Also, her shoes are ridic. How does she walk in those things?  Gaga’s sartorial choices are always controversial, this one included, but it’s one of my favorites of hers.

Lea Michele.  I love Glee, and I love her, and I love her dress.  Enough said.

My girl T-Swift (who may or may not be dating Lea Michele’s Glee co-star, Cory Monteith.  Swoon!)

And the worst dressed of the night, in my opinion:

I don’t believe words are necessary.

What are your favorites and least favorites of the night, fashion and otherwise?

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