The MTV era saw the rise of some tryly funky music videos. One of my favorites is Tom Petty’s Don’t Come Around Here No More. As you can see below, the video tells a truly unusual tale.


But while Tom Petty’s video is in keeping with the sort of odd, dream like (in this case nightmarish) ambience of Lewis Caroll’s Wonderland story, the videos below, done by songstress Pink have wonderful music attached to some rather violent images. I love the songs but I sure experience a disconnect when I watch the pictures that accompany them.

Try gives the inspiring message to get back up again and keep working till you succeed. The images here seem to depecit a relationship women should run far, far away from.


I love Blow Me One Last Kiss because it is such a wonderful power ballad of a woman just not taking it anymore. However, the character seems to make some questionable choices.


Please Don’t Leave Me is a cry all our hearts have made when a relationship is coming to an end we just aren’t ready for. This video just defies explanation though.


Which of your favorite songs have a video that causes you a disconnect moment?

– Maggie AAR

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