Dear Romance Readers of the World,

Pull up a chair and we’ll have a nice chat.  I’m so happy to be here today to tell you about the first book in my new four book series, The Spare Heirs! Yes, it’s true that I’m an easily excitable person, but I’m especially looking forward to the release of The Infamous Heir.  This is a story that I love and I think you’ll love it too!  What do I think you’ll enjoy most about this book?

  • The romance between two estranged former childhood friends.

I love it when the characters of a story have history, and that’s certainly the case with this book.  Ethan Moore and Lady Roselyn Grey grew up on neighboring estates.  But after a childhood of running wild together across the North Yorkshire Moors, Ethan is disowned from his family and leaves home.  Now years later, Roselyn’s come-out season has arrived and Ethan makes an unexpected reappearance.  Everything that was once wrapped in laughter between the two, is now steeped in longing and much more complicated due to their present circumstances.  But when disaster strikes, Roselyn blames Ethan for all wrong doing and Ethan knows he must gain her forgiveness in order to protect her from the real enemy after them.

  • New locations to explore!

In this series, we get to step inside many traditional Regency locations.  But when I say step inside, I mean *really* step inside.  One of my favorite scenes takes place at Gentleman Jackson’s Boxing Salon.  Roselyn goes in disguise as a boy, then is forced into a fight with her pugilist counterpart, Ethan.  It’s…I don’t want to spoil it, but let’s just say, I’m excited about it.

  • Getting to catch up with characters we’ve seen before.

I love a reunion, don’t you?  This series grew out of my first series, Tricks of the Ton, so there are quite a few characters you’ll recognize from earlier books.  Roselyn is Devon’s, (The Mad Duke of Thornwood from Must Love Dukes) younger sister and Ethan is Lady Katie Moore’s, (From How to Lose a Lord in 10 Days or Less) older brother.  Since this entire series takes place in the span of time between these earlier books, you get to see some of the characters from those books as well as some of the characters from Desperately Seeking Suzanna.  I can’t wait for you to catch back up with Evangeline, Isabelle, and Victoria who will each have a book in this series.

  • The first look into the Spare Heirs Society and their headquarters.

The Spare Heirs are an unusual group of gentlemen.  They are all second, third, and fourth sons of titled families who had no inheritance or lands to provide for them.  Therefore they band together to form a secret society beyond the notice of the ton.  Are they the Regency version of the mafia?  Perhaps.  Are they a band of wild Alpha Males with their headquarters in a large London home covered in floral prints and cherubs? Perhaps.

  • The fight against love that finally explodes in passion once the characters allow it.

Sometimes the heart wants what isn’t logical.  These characters have to overcome a pretty big obstacle and choose to believe in each other to find love and happiness in the end.  But slow burning fires spark the brightest, especially in The Infamous Heir.

I hope you love this story as much as I do.  Have a lovely day filled with romance novels!

Yours in Storytelling,

Elizabeth Michels


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