For the most part my life tends to run on the same cogs.  Go to work, come home, do housework, play with my dogs, socialize.  Every once in a while there is something that happens out of the ordinary.  But usually it some crisis – like losing my billfold with way too much money in it, or a car accident.  But this week, I was faced with a dilemma of not knowing the right thing to do.

Recently I wrote about violence against women – rape – so most of you are aware of my concern about this issue.  Tuesday, my neighbor called me asking if she could borrow my gun because an acquaintance of hers told her ” I will have you”.  Her husband travels with his job, and she is a stay-at-home mom.  The man had just left her premise after a surprise visit. She was petrified but bluffed her way through the conversation and he left.  She called the sheriff and then while waiting for him to come she called me and made her request.

I do have unloaded guns in the house.  They were my dad’s.  I have never used them and really don’t have a desire to learn how. I just haven’t gotten around to selling them.  I think there are way too many guns in the U.S.  I am not truly informed on the subject of gun control but if I had to vote today for more or less control then it would be for more, mainly because of accidents mentioned here.

So her question left me very conflicted.  Of course I want to do everything possible to help someone protect herself.  There is no question about that. But putting a gun in her hands – a gun that could be taken away by an attacker and used against her? Plus she has a young child less than three years old in the home. And is it against the law to loan a gun?

The first questions out of my mouth was, “Do you think you could actually use it – pull the trigger and shoot someone, and have you used a gun before?”  She said yes to both questions.

Lucky for me she didn’t push for an answer right then. She said she was going to ask the sheriff for his advice.

I also cornered him after he left her home.   He was very nonchalant about the whole business  and stated yes, it was fine for her to borrow my weapon but he told her she would be better off getting her own gun.  When I stated something about not really knowing how to use a gun, he informed me I should learn.

I do have a co-worker who carries a concealed weapon with a permit but I never felt the need to carry one.

So for the questions:  Do you have guns in your house?  Do you know how to use them?  Could you shoot someone?

If you don’t have guns, have you ever thought of buying one?  Do you have friends that carry concealed guns?

– Leigh AAR

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