If you’ve refused to watch the trailers or read any of the articles found on news stands regarding this film, this post will contain spoilers. If you’ve watched the commercials/trailers, you’re good to go.

This weekend, Friday at midnight to be precise, brings the premiere of the eagerly anticipated Hunger Games film. I’ve made my plans, bought my tickets and warned my family. The 23rd through the 25th is officially devoted to this event. If I love the film when I see it on the 23rd I will be talking about it all weekend. If I hate the film when I see it on the 23rd I will be complaining about it all weekend.

But I don’t expect to hate. Because I am too old and mature to buy the Official Movie Companion I have selfishly read it cover to cover in the aisle of Sam’s Club. The visuals of the film look great. The actors (mostly) seem wonderful. I already know Jennifer (Katniss) can really act from my experience with her in Winter’s Bone. Yes, I’m disappointed about Josh Hutcherson as Peeta (I don’t think for a minute he will be able to pull it off) but I made my peace with that several months ago. I am extremely excited about Woody Harrelson as Haymitch. Cinna looks, if not exactly as I pictured him, very close to it.

effie trinket

As you can see from this image, Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket is amazing.

seneca crane

I was thoroughly impressed by the look they choose for Seneca Crane – he is very eye catching.

I have my concerns. I know they’ve added scenes for President Snow. I felt the book was perfect and needed no additions but I am willing to be open minded about it. That said, Donald Sutherland made a comment at the premiere of the film which had me fearing they’ve amped up the political message in the books. I liked the subtle approach the author took and hope that subtlety carries on into the film. I am not thrilled about the changes they made regarding the mockingjay pin (which were spoiled if you’ve watched the trailers). I am concerned that they may have cut the character who actually gave it to her, which has an impact on the rest of the series. I’m sure it can be worked around, it’s just disconcerting.

But mostly I am just excited. I’ve been a Hunger Games fan since the beginning of the series. I have recommended it to numerous people and they have all been hooked. My big plan is to go, have fun and eat lots of popcorn. How about you? Will you be seeing the Hunger Games this weekend? What are you most looking forward to in the film?

– Maggie AAR

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