Here in the US, today is Labor Day, a federal holiday which means most people have it off. It’s a holiday famous for parades, picnics, and parties and though it was designated to celebrate organized labor, for many it’s become a way to say goodbye to summer as well. (It is also the unofficial end to Hot Dog Season.)

Thinking about the holiday made me try and recall books I’ve loved that feature organized labor. I adore Madeline Hunter’s medievals, By Design and By Arrangement. Organized labor also shows up in her Secrets of Surrender, another excellent read. Courtney Milan, Sherry Thomas, and many other stellar historical romance authors incorporate labor unrest in their works as well. I have a hard time thinking of contemps although we do have a tag for that! Do you have books that feature unionizing that you love?

And will you be celebrating today? If so, what will you do? And to all, enjoy the day!

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