It’s Valentine’s Day and tonight Dr. Feelgood and I plan to do…. nothing special. I didn’t get him a card and I bought flowers on Saturday at the Farmer’s Market so I sure hope he isn’t bringing me home any more. I also do not want any chocolates–he is the candy freak, not me–nor do I hope for a gift given that I’ve nary a thing for him. I’m just not that into Valentine’s Day.

Perhaps it was growing up in the wild 60s and early 70s where kids got Valentine’s cards in school and lorded their cache over those who didn’t. Or perhaps it’s that I’m a contrarian and don’t like having to buy stuff just because Hallmark says I should. Or maybe, as is often my excuse, I’m just a cranky old lady.

Tonight, after work, we’ll have a cocktail (I just made a batch of mint simple syrup and can’t wait to make us mint juleps with some really good bourbon.), order tacos from the takeout place on the next block, and watch Ozark. OK–we will do the latter snuggling on the couch.

How ’bout you? Do you love Valentine’s Day? Hate it? Do much about it?

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