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Heroes in Real Time

I admit that I love to read romance novels for pretty much one reason – the swoon-worthy heroes. Be they Navy SEALs, roguish pirates, Scottish warriors or powerful tycoons, their confidence and swagger and charm all draw me in and allow me to escape to a fantasy world where the good guy will always save the day.

Given all of the recent turmoil in our world, what with hurricanes and political tempests galore, it’s tempting to escape into those fantasies as much as possible. But every once in a while, I’m reminded that real heroes walk among us. These are the guys and gals who put their lives on the line every day to help a stranger. They go in when others are rushing out. They serve as real-life examples to our sons and daughters of the best that humanity has to offer.

Below are photos of these super folks in action. We tip our hats and thank them profusely for their selfless heroism. And, if they don’t mind, we may do a little swooning on the side.

A Houston Police SWAT officer carries a woman and her son. (David J. Phillip/AP)


A North Miami Beach police officer with a 4-month-old rescued from a flooded home.
Credit North Miami Beach Police Department, via Twitter


300 doctors, nurses, and paramedics await takeoff on a C-17 at Dulles International Sirport before heading to Orlando to aid in Hurricane Irma response. (Photo: U.S. Air Force)


Countless pets rescued from Orlo Vista flood with help from @NationalGuard. OCFire Rescue (@OCFireRescue) | Twitter



All those real-life heroes and heroines are a true inspiration and started us all thinking about the books we’ve enjoyed featuring characters working in those professions and then wondering what books others have enjoyed.  As ever, we’d love your recommendations, so please stop by and let us know your favourites.  Or if you’ve got a real life hero(ine) and a story you’d like to tell us about, send your photos and comments to dabneygrinnan@allaboutromance.com and we’ll be only too pleased to spotlight YOUR real life heroes and heroines.

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