reoHappyTravellerFor someone who likes to travel, I really should get better at it.  Amongst my friends, family, and acquaintances, I am the worst when it comes to travel sickness.  Buses, airplanes, cars, boats (my god, boats) – you name, I’d get sick in it.  Hey, I got seasick when I went ocean kayaking, for God’s sake.

But it’s not all bad. Recently I got something called SeaBands, which retail for between $5 and $20 (depending on the brand, aka real or not), and are essentially hair elastics embedded with balls that you slip onto your wrists, about 30 minutes or so before whatever vomit-inducing trip is coming up.  The balls exert pressure on your acupuncture points, and voila!  Nausea gone.  I’ve discovered it only works if it’s pressing onto the exact spot; a couple millimeters off, and the nausea returns.  But it does mean that I’ve had the most comfortable flying experience in recent memory.

Another good recent experience: When I was flying to Hong Kong, Korean Air gave me a twelve-hour layover at the airport.  To compensate for the inconvenience, they also gave me a room at the Hyatt Regency and meal vouchers at their restaurant.  Sweeeeeeet.

Have you had any good travelling experiences you’d like to share?

– Jean AAR