009I love taking pictures, but I am terribly lazy about what I do with them afterwards. After all the efforts I go to to capture just the right mood/perspective/light, the results languish on my PC and (mostly) never get another look. Which is a real shame.

I have recently discovered, what everyone else has known for years (I assume) what fun it is to run old holiday pictures in the background on my monitor. Right now I am in the middle of Madeira, and England (see the picture above) is right next on the list.

The advantages are these:

I get reminded of a lovely holiday.

I do not have to make any effort beyond choosing that particular set of pictures for background, once.

On seeing a particularly good photo, I might actually get tempted into printing it. (This has not happened yet, but one can always hope.)

How do you view holiday pictures? Do you print out many, or what else do you do with them? And what does the background on your monitor show?

– Rike Horstmann

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