How’s it going guys? Youall hanging in there? Anyone got any good news to share? Any fun recs for reading/watching/staying at home and being entertained?

My 83 year old mom has been visiting and we’ve been watching The House of Eliott which she LOVES. (My husband thinks it’s smashing as well.) 1920 was such a time of social change and, oh my, the clothes and hats are to die for.  This is my third time watching the show and, this time, I’m struck by how focused the show is on the two women leads. There are men, many of whom come and then go, but they exist only as foils to Evie and Bea, the Eliott sisters.

I’ve also been, for the first time in decades, listening to vinyl. When we moved, we connected my husband’s ancient Bang and Olusfsen turntable and started listening to all the records we never parted with. It’s such a different experience–I’m an obsessive playlist maker and thus am used to listening to artist after artist. I’m startled when the music suddenly stops and I have to–duh–get up and flip the record. The sound quality is amazing and I’m rediscovering favorite LPs I’d somewhat forgotten. (Right now I am listening to Suzanne Vega’s debut album and it is still stunning!)

Lastly, I’m getting lots of joy from my youngest son’s new puppy, albeit from a distance. Zion is clearly the cutest creature in the world and I follow his Instagram account devotedly.

I hope you are doing well. Hang in there!

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