Yes, it’s true.  I’m down to the wire every single year.   Like this year, for example.

I tend to procrastinate voting in the AAR Annual Reader Poll for a few reasons:

  1. It’s hard when you don’t keep a reading database.
  2. Lack of said reading database.
  3. Absence of reading database means I must rely on interim results.
  4. The deadline must be close enough for me to smell it in order to blast me off my can.

Well, the whiff of smoking deadline is getting stronger – it’s just five days from today.

So, poll procrastinator that I am, it’s time to get off my proverbial butt and get my vote in.  

To all my fellow poll procrastinators, I hope you’ll think about joining me. Hey, it’s a holiday weekend and next Tuesday we’ll all be back to work. And, anyway, that’s just too down to the wire – even for a confirmed poll procrastinator like me.

So, vote, everybody!  The poll closes on Tuesday, February 17th at midnight, which might seem as if you have a comfortable window. And you sorta do. But Tuesday is American Idol night and trying to vote while also attempting to keep on top of the ever-evolving Simon-Paula dynamic…well, the mind boggles.

I’m going to get my vote in this weekend.  Really.

-Sandy AAR

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