The title is a little over the top, I admit, but this past week, I did something outside my comfort zone and it invigorated me, and gave a big old boost to my self- esteem.  I installed a new garbage disposal.

For many of you that might not be a big deal. But even with experience installing ceiling fans, light fixtures, and even electrical outlets, I didn’t think that I could do it. In fact I had already inquired about the installation cost. However, when I went to my local hardware store to buy the disposal, I saw a simple how to poster. Analyzing all the steps, I thought to myself, I bet I could do this.

I talked to the sales clerk, making sure I wasn’t being over optimistic and that there weren’t hidden catches not mentioned in the display. I was assured that it was not that difficult.

And it wasn’t.  A bit frustrating at times.  I either lost a part – my almost year old puppy is great at picking things up off the floor or the unit was missing it.  However after looking for about 30 minutes for it I just took that piece off the old unit.  That missing piece required me to do the wiring twice. And I had to cut the plumbing pipe several times but otherwise the installation was straight forward.

And just doing this simple thing caused me to re-evaluate how I view myself.  If I can do this, maybe there  are other areas where I am self-limiting myself. And it is amazing how great it felt to pat myself on the back.  Praise from other people is nice, but it even nicer when I think I have done something well.

Do you have any similar experiences that you care to share?

– – Leigh AAR

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