What a difference two years makes.  Almost to the day two years ago I wrote a blog about authors, or author styles, I wished would come back to us readers.  I wasn’t planning to revisit the blog, but as I was browsing the Overdrive website today I saw something that made my eyes pop: Laura London, aka Sharon and Tom Curtis, will be available on eBook on April 1st.The Windflower

For those who don’t know, this husband-and-wife writing team wrote some historicals and contemporaries back in the 80s, then disappeared.  The Windflower is a cult classic, although each book (especially the contemporaries, I think) has their fans.  They’d been out of print for almost two decades, and I’d more or less given up on seeing their books in a used bookstore (Windflower goes, sometimes, for hundreds on eBay); each one found is a national treasure.  Well, search no more folks.  Laura London now have a Facebook page, and Grand Central is reissuing all their books (yes, including Windflower, in May) digitally and in trade paperback, except Lightning That Lingers, which has been available by Loveswept for a few years.

I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself.  I didn’t love all their books, but each one is still a treasure.  And maybe we can get up a petition so they’ll finally — FINALLY — write Cat’s book.

Yeah, two years makes a difference.  I decided to go back and check up on some of the authors we’d mentioned, as well as a handful of other “old-timers” (forgive me, please):

  • Laura London — They’re baaaaaaack!  Or at least, they’re accessible.
  • Carla Kelly — She still writes for Harlequin, and Cedar Fort has republished most, if not all, of her old Signet Regencies.  Yup.  That includes Reforming Lord Ragsdale.
  • Theresa Weir — It looks like she’s writing New Adult right now.
  • Maggie Osborne — She’s not writing any more, but her books are available as eBooks.
  • Judith Ivory/Judy Cuevas — According to Anne Stuart two years ago, “she’s alive and well, just concentrating on being a grandmother.”  Which is great news.
  • Anne Stuart — Still going strong, despite ups and downs from what I can tell.  She’s currently celebrating 40 years of publishing, which means 40 days of freebies, discounts, and lots and lots of blogging.  Check it out and buy her books!
  • Connie Brockway — She wrote the sequel to All Through the Nightcalled No Place for a Damereleased in December.  Yay!

And yup, as readers commented two years ago, there are also plenty of amazing authors to read nowadays, as well as all the oldie goodies.  So if it’s still sub-zero weather where you are (minus 4 Celsius in Toronto today), five days before April, here’s some good news to go to bed with.


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