We are now in process of  periodically updating the If You Like lists at AAR.  Pollsters Lee Brewer and Cindy Smith have given suggestions for updates to the lists as they appear now.  We also would like to hear what our readers have to say.  This week’s author is Julia Quinn.   Here are the authors we have as our recommendations for ones that you may enjoy if you like Julia Quinn:

Victoria Alexander

Jill Barnett

Suzanne Enoch

Sabrina Jeffries

Julia London

Cathy Maxwell

Amanda Quick

Recommending new authors is a tricky process.  You might like an author because of the genre they write in, or the time period they set their books in, or because of their unique prose.  One reader may love Quinn and hate, say, Jill Barnett, while another reader would agree that these two are a good match for like stories.  We would like to open this for discussion from our well read readers.

  • Do you think the above authors are good matches for Julia Quinn?
  • What about Julia Quinn’s writing do you find unique or specifically enjoyable?  For Quinn’s fans – what makes you search out her books?
  • Is anyone missing from the above list?

After our readers have weighed in, we will update our existing page an link it to this discussion so that others may profit from the experience of AAR’s readership.  We hope to update or add to our pages in this way so that they are more useful and dynamic.

Please comment – we await your romance reading wisdom!  Thank you.

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