abch-300x100-0057Picking up on Lynn’s TV theme, I must admit I enjoy my TV time, probably way too much as a matter of fact.  Like many others, I’ve faithfully watched every season of LOST until I’m nearly desperate for answers.  I almost gave up on the show last year, but convinced myself that with with just one more season, I could hang in there a little longer simply for the answers. 

If you haven’t watched LOST this season and plan to, the rest of this piece may contain spoilers, so please consider this a spoiler alert.  With ten episodes left, I’m worried I won’t get all the answers I want.  Matter of fact, with every episode, I only have more questions.  So far this season, the plot point I’ve considered the biggest reveal is that the numbers continuously repeated throughout every season represent the various characters – but not all of them. 

Also, I like the sideways timeline, but I don’t see how it will resolve the story without erasing everything that’s happened since season one.  I’m most disappointed with the fact that Sayid appears to be evil.  I do so like him and he was always my favorite character.  Plus, I want to know what happened to Desmond – again, another of my favorite characters.   While I’m not overly concerned that Locke may be evil or that he’s the smoke monster or the man in black, I do wonder if Ben will end up on the side of good before it’s all over.   

Anyone else still hanging in there with LOST?

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