designingwomenThis weekend I’m going to be at a retreat.  And, believe me when I say, I could definitely use it.

My destination is In the Company of Writers, a retreat sponsored by the Washington chapter of RWA and includes local luminaries who could not possibly be more luminous – Mary Jo Putney, Patricia Gaffney, Susan Donnovan, Sophia Nash, and Kathleen Gilles Seidel to name just a few.  And this year’s special guests are very special, indeed: Roxanne St. Clair and Charlaine Harris.  (And, yes, that was an internal fan girl squee you heard just now.)

The gathering also includes editors and agents, so the chance to learn more about the business side of romance will also be invaluable.

Despite the fact that I’m speaking on Sunday morning and will be a bundle of nerves up until that moment, you know what I’m most looking forward to?  Spending a relaxing weekend in an out of the way hotel with a group of wonderful women who share my love of romance and who love to talk about it just as much as I do.

It’s empowering.  It’s relaxing.  And, gee, it’s just plain fun.

I’ll be reporting more about the weekend soon – including more about the panel discussion on social media and reviews that I’m sharing with Barbara Vey of Publisher’s Weekly.  But until then, what the best way you know to recharge?

– Sandy AAR

Okay, so the photograph of the cast of Designing Women wasn’t exactly on target, but I’ve been remembering with great affection some of my favorite Julia Sugarbaker moments.  RIP, Dixie Carter.

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