Romance readers have long known the power of the erotic to awaken desire—but for the uninitiated it can be a shock. Imagine reading, or listening to, Sierra Simone’s Priest for the first time on the bus home from work, and being just a little bit overcome with a compelling attack of WOWEEEEEE. Glancing at the other passengers to check if they’ve noticed that your cheeks have gone pink, and your breathing has quickened.

The physical power of words is astounding.  When I discovered erotic writing in Romance (and once I’d managed to be still my beating heart) I felt a whole new world opening up to me. While the internet is full of sex, it’s often seedy at best. Romance novels, meanwhile, are full to bursting of female pleasure exquisitely expressed. This is what was lacking not only online, but in my life.

Together with a fellow Romance convert, Carol Battle, I created The Good Bits, a good sex story platform sharing the good good bits from great books. Via our website and erotic audio podcast we inspire desire of women (and anyone else who cares to join) all over the world, and help romance readers find new authors via their hottest passages.

Our podcast—chosen as ‘New and Noteworthy’ on Apple podcasts, and a Spotify feature podcast—has just launched featuring sexy scenes by authors including Alessandra Torre, Fiona Zedde, Katrina Jackson and Sierra Simone. Here’s a sneak peak of a couple of the scenes we’ll be featuring! If you let me know what your favorite scenes are in the comments, we’ll try and feature them on our site or in the second season of our podcast.

This scene from Stefanie London’s The Fling
Emboldened by the fact that he’s still watching, I draw the hem of my T-shirt up higher. Cool air grazes my bare stomach, and I hold the material just over my breasts—teasing at what might be beneath without actually showing him.

This scene from Fiona Zedde’s The Magical Femme
Her fingers are slightly salty, bitter and smooth from the fresh nail polish. She strokes my lips and it feels even more like a touch on my lower lips, steady and hypnotic. Heady. I moan around the slide of her fingers. What’s she doing? If her plan is to get them wet so she can finger me, she doesn’t have to bother.

This scene from Sierra Simon’s Priest
She backed up a few paces until she bumped against the baby grand piano set below the choir platform. She still didn’t speak, but she didn’t have to, because I could read every tremble of hers, every breath, every goose bump. Her teeth still bit her bottom lip and I wanted to bite that lip, bite it so hard that she would squeal.

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