clip-art-library-booksHow often do you find yourself in the middle of a fixation on the works of one particular author and feel, for a little while at least, that you just can’t get enough?  In other words, do you glom?

Goodness knows I do and the results run the gamut between eternal love and agonizing avoidance.  For me these gloms always start out simple enough; I’ll pick up a book by an author (usually one I’ve never read), don’t want the experience to end, and try to recapture it with the next book in the series or try to find that same spark in another of their works.  If I’m lucky, my gloms come when I’m out of school so I have time to savor the storytelling.  If I’m not so lucky, I find myself cramming in bouts of reading in between grading papers, planning lessons planning, waiting in parking lots, and so many other stolen moments.

I can even remember my very first glom (probably because I actually had to wait for the books to come through the mail).  It started way back when with Gaelen Foley’s The Duke, which to this day ranks among my most favorite romances.  My local library only had The Pirate Prince so I went online and ordered the entire Knight Miscellany series from Amazon.  I gobbled the first few up but sadly the fire began to die before I finished reading the series and eventually I only picked up only one of The Spice Trilogy and DNFed My Wicked Marquess.  For a very short time I loved Gaelen Foley, but it ended before my glom was out completely.

Recent gloms with positive results include Linda Howard, Pamela Clare, and more seriously, J.R. Ward.  With Linda Howard, I stopped after six books because I noticed patterns and I didn’t want to loose the fascination.  And while I’m on it, Mr. Perfect really should be made available for Kindle – just a minor quibble.  I also discovered I like Pamela Clare’s historical romances much more than her romantic suspense.  She’s one of those authors I wish would write faster and I really want Lord Wentworth to have his story.  I made it through J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series during Christmas break and while I’m still enamored of the series, I’m not quite willing to spend $12.99 on the Kindle version.

While I know the name of my next glom (Kresley Cole) and plan to embark on it soon, I’d like to know your thoughts in the meantime.  Do you glom and if you catch yourself doing it, when is it most likely to take place?  Who have you glommed?  What were the results?

– Heather AAR

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