cherriesI adore the variety of fresh produce available in the summer, but one of the highlights for me each summer is cherry season. Cherries have been featured prominently in local grocery stores’ produce sections for the past few weeks, and I’ve been taking full advantage, picking up a bag or two a week.

I don’t do anything particularly clever with the cherries I buy. Once home from the market, I wash them, dry them, and try to resist eating a full bag in one sitting. Now I’m thinking I might not be doing those fresh cherries their full due.

This past week a local paper featured a recipe for cherry gazpacho. Basically, it’s like any other gazpacho recipe, but in place of tomatoes, you use fresh cherries. I wasn’t too sure about the recipe, but several friends thought it sounded excellent. So, I decided to do a bit of investigating for other cherry recipes.

It’s National Cherry Festival this week in Traverse City, Michigan, and their website features a slew of cherry recipes. Most of the recipes sound delicious, but nearly all use dried, frozen, or canned cherries. I had heard of cold cherry soups before and have found a number of recipes for those. Most seem relatively simple using either red wine or sour cream as a key ingredient. While I’m intrigued by the recipes for cold cherry soups, I’m not certain I’m intrigued enough to pit as many cherries as are required for most of the recipes.

I’m thinking I may just stick with eating my fresh cherries as I have been, and try out some of the cold cherry soup recipes with frozen cherries.

Do you like fresh cherries? Do you have any cherry recipes you’re particularly fond of? And are you enjoying any fresh produce right now?


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